Recognizing the potential for serious injury while participating in the activity
specified below, the undersigned hereby agrees to release, discharge, and
indemnify Summit City Elite, its officers, trustees, employees, and/or agents
from any liability, loss, or damage resulting from injury to person or property
while participating in such a program wherever occurring. The participant
agrees that Summit City Elite, its officers, trustees, employees, and/or agents
are released, and indefinitely discharged from liability resulting from
negligence of Summit City Elite, its officers, trustees, employees, agents,
and/or that of third parties.

In Addition the undersigned recognizes and understands as a participant in a
club sport, student organization, or student activity as specified below, that
there are inherent risk involved in such physical activity and use of related
equipment to cause potential bodily injury. The undersigned acknowledges
that there are such dangers and risk. By signing below, the undersigned
acknowledges that he/she is physically and mentally capable of participating
in all aspects of conditioning, training, practice, competition, and tournament
play, directly or indirectly related to Summit City Elite; sport or activity
indicated below.

Furthermore the undersigned acknowledges that he/she is
knowledgeable about the proper use of related equipment. The undersigned
also assumes responsibility for ensuring that such equipment meets minimum
safety standards. In the framework of Summit City Elite activities, photographs
and/or video film will be taken for the purpose of social medial advertisement
and promotion of Summit City Elite. These images may be, edited, altered,
copied, reproduced and used for publicity, including printed publication,
videos, website, and all other social media outlets. Any photos or videos will
only be used for promoting Summit City Elite. By signing this document you
give Summit City Elite and all affiliates permission to use photographs and
video film in a lawful purpose, where you and athlete appear, without payment,
right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the
photo or video.

Lastly, the undersigned understands that there are standards associated with
this activity which can be made available to him/her initiative from the Coach
and or Sports Trainer.

In signing these agreements the participants acknowledge that the above
terms have been read and understood, and agree to be bound to them.