10 Tips to Run a Great Camp!

Plan Ahead! The earlier you get started, the more smoothly everything else will run. You’ll need to reserve gym space, allow time for prospective camp sponsors, and get the word out to your campers.

Pass out Camp Forms! We ask our elementary school secretaries and get a count of the number of students per classroom. That way, each student in the district will take home a copy of the camp flyer.

Promote on your team’s Facebook page. Promoting your program’s brand on a Facebook page is a really efficient way of Brand Building. Using that page to promote all your events, including your upcoming camps, is a great marketing tool. In fact, you may find that using Facebook Ads to target your audience is a great return on investment as well!

Clarify the roles. Some of your players may serve as camp coaches. Others may be in charge of registration. If you have assistant coaches helping, they can serve as Lead Clinicians, Directors of Operations, etc. If the head coach/Camp Director is able to delegate all the roles involved in running the camp, that will allow him/her to oversee–but not lead–all aspects. This is the ideal setup!

Click here for a sample Camp Role Sheet.

Have your high school players wear their uniforms. This allows both for our players to look professional and “uniform”, and it allows our campers to better recognize them during our games!

Have a Closing Ceremony. We promote our Camp Ceremony as the last 15 minutes of our last camp day. We demo some of our staple skills and drills, present our Camp Awards, acknowledge our high school basketball players, and do a camp picture.