How it Works

1. Fill out Proposal Form

It only takes a couple minutes and will give us a snapshot of where you’re at and where you’re wanting to go!

2. We'll send you proposal options

We have a host of services that we can provide depending on the goals of the client.  We’ll usually send 2-3 different packages based on the information gathered.

Usually we discuss on Zoom or on the Phone the different packages, and answer any questions. 

3. Game time!

 Once you’re ready to go, we ask for a deposit to get started.  Once paid, we’ll get started right away!

A Great Return on Investment

Whether you’re just getting started, or have a tremendous brand already, we can help you scale and drive revenue!

What You Get

We see this is a partnership, and are vested in you getting a great experience from FLOW Hoop!  We’ll make sure to provide: