Summit City Training

Basketball Training that WORKS!

Elite Training for Shooting Ball Handling Decision-Making Footwork Defense Guards Wings Posts

Led by Summit City Elite director Logan Traylor, these training packages will help players develop confidence, hone their skills, and play with passion!

We customize all our workouts to meet the player at their level and challenge them appropriately.  

Players will not only learn and improve their techniques, but will be able to apply them into a game-setting.  

Training that WORKS!


What We Offer

Punch Cards

Purchase a Punch Card and drop in at any of the available slots!

Small Group Workouts

Our Small Group Workouts are usually 4-6 people. We dig deep into an offensive concept in apply them in Small-Sided Games!

Private Instruction

With our individual workouts, we can focus even more on the specific needs of the player, and develop a training plan that works!

summit city elite

At Summit City Elite, we are FAMILY

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